Uca Transfer Agreement

The requirements of the contract are guaranteed in accordance with the academic year of the first registration at the UACCM, and not before the academic year in which the agreement came into force for the first time. In most cases, a non-registration period of 12 months or more requires the student to comply with the revision of the contract corresponding to the year of re-enrollment. UACCM has four-year agreements with local universities to clarify and streamline the transfer process. These agreements are called two-and-a-second transfer agreements. On this page, you will find the specific requirements that you must meet at UACCM and the University of Central Arkansas on the basis of the desired career. UACCM students should work closely with their university advisor to ensure that all transfer contract requirements are met. The most popular, most obvious, public and thoughtful reason for acquiring an associate degree is to complete a program and then successfully transfer courses and credits to a university. Indeed, the Roger Phillips Transfer Act of the Arkansas General Assembly 2009 provides a guarantee that an associate degree from each two-year institution in Arkansas will be transferred to each four-year public university. In addition, other individual courses can be broadcast by UA Cossatot. University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College and the University of Central Arkansas signed a Bear Partners agreement on August 7, 2019, offering benefits to UA-PTC transfer students who wish to participate in the UCA. University of Central Arkansas President Houston Davis and Arkansas State University Chancellor Jennifer Methvin recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a Bear Partners agreement. The Arkansas transfer system can tell you exactly what UA Cossatot courses will be transferred to other Arkansas schools. The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) contains information on the portability of courses at Arkansas public colleges and universities.

Students are assured of the transfer of the corresponding credits and fair treatment for the application of credits for admission and education requirements. The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) is a resource service for post-secondary institutions that provides comparable course information to facilitate student transfer to Arkansas public colleges and universities. The ACTS database contains comparable information on courses created by faculties for a number of courses taught in public institutions in Arkansas. Similar courses within CATS are guaranteed to be transferred to all public agencies in Arkansas. The Arkansas Transfer Achievement Scholarship reduces tuition for students who graduate with associate degrees from one of the two-year colleges in the University of Arkansas system and then move to the campus of the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville.