Wolters Kluwer License Agreement

This contract applies to your access and use of this online service and does not change the terms of other agreements you have with Ovid for products, software, services or otherwise, unless Ovid has another one. In the event that the terms of this contract conflict with the license agreement, the terms of the licence agreement apply and are given priority. If you do not somehow comply with these terms and conditions, your permission to access and use this online service will automatically end and you must immediately destroy downloaded or printed content and stop using hyperlinks to this online service. Any violation of the agreement by you constitutes a violation of the licensing agreement. 2. License. Subject to the terms of the CONTRAT PRESENT, you will receive a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license that can be revoked for the installation and use of a copy of the content. If the content is provided via the Internet, the license contains a license to access the servers controlled by UPTODATE (“server”) only for access to the content. This ACCORD does not allow content to be locally available on multiple computers at the same time, and you cannot make content available on a network where it could be used simultaneously by multiple computers. If you are granted access to the materials granted (as defined below) pursuant to a separate subscription and licensing agreement between an institution or entity and Wolters Kluwer UpToDate, Inc. (“UPTODATE” and this agreement, the “Master Convention”), your subscription period is defined as in the executive contract and is subject to all the terms of the contract.

If you place an order for a product, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of sale. By charging an order, you acknowledge that you have agreed to include the terms and conditions in all subsequent orders and you cannot place a subsequent order if you want the Terms and Conditions not to apply to the order you are proposing. If we amend changes to the terms of sale, these Terms and Conditions will only apply after you have agreed to the amended terms at the time of the order after the change. Each order you place will be a separate and binding agreement between you and us, which will contain these terms and conditions of sale (if any, in the current version). NOTE: ACCESS OR USE OF CCH ONLINE CONTENT SERVICES IS SUBJECT TO YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS OF USE. IF YOU ARE NOT AT THESE TERMS OF USE, YOU ARE NOT ACCESSING OR USING CCH ONLINE CONTENT SERVICES. Effective Date: August 20, 2020 The following terms of use govern access and use of CCH online content services and applications, tools, online services, data (as defined below) and materials (together “online services”). You are only allowed to access online services if you are an authorized user under an agreement or order between CCH Incorporated or one of its affiliated companies or companies (together “CCH”) and a customer unit, organization or person (a “customer”) (an agreement or order called a “customer agreement”) and you are only allowed access to the online services provided to you under the customer`s agreement.