Is Wildfire Smoke Damaging Your Skin?

Inspire Salon & Day Spa | Meridian, ID

With wildfires burning rampant, and soot on every corner, many people have been asking us “Can all this smoke damage my skin?”

Unfortunately, the answer is a loud, “Yes!”, it absolutely can, it will and honestly, it probably already has. It does not take long for soot, ash, and smoke (especially in high levels like we have been seeing) to noticeably damage your skin.

But there is no damage it could cause that can’t be prevented, or at least, treated. Of course, the first means of prevention is avoidance. It is advised that you stay out of direct, prolonged contact with fire and smoke to the best of your ability. However, as we’ve seen lately, there are definitely situations where this is not possible. And on those days where you just can’t get away from it, the smoke will clog your pores, filing them with soot and ash particles. This is sure to lead to acne, blackheads, and potentially, full-on breakouts. But why lay down and accept this, when it is so easy to treat yourself, and your skin, to a relaxing spa treatment that will make your pores clean, your face bright, and your smile big? And that is why, today, we are here to help you!

One of the many ways you may notice skin damage from the smoke, is by damaged collagen. Collagen is the protein that keeps your skin strong and firm, lifted and tight. Therefore when collagen is damaged, your skin naturally begins to form deep wrinkles. And while there are at home remedies you can use to help heal the damaged collagen as well as create new collagen, the best way to tackle this issue is by a microdermabrasion or similar treatment. Of course, there are kits to do this yourself at home, but the American Academy of Dermatologists highly recommend getting the treatment by a professional at a salon, due to their causing skin irritation and sensitivity if done improperly.

Microderms have diamond tipped wands to exfoliate the skin.

If you have been around smoke a lot recently, you have also probably noticed your skin feeling rather dry, despite your usual efforts and skin care regimen to keep hydrated. This happens because your skin is having to work overtime to replenish the new skin cells on the epidermis that the smoke is quickly drying out. The results can even be as severe as to cause redness, rashes, or cracked and peeling skin.

Again, there are tons of at home methods of resolving skin dryness, but with the complexity and severity of the dirt and damage that smoke can bring into the skin, it is recommended that you seek professional care, where you can get fixed up with a professional grade exfoliant, a hydrating mask, and a facial massage to help the blood flow bring nutrients to the top layer of your skin.

And as always, be sure to drink plenty of water, keep up with your at home skin care, and join us soon for a satisfying facial that will leave you feeling fresh and at home in your own skin.