5 Benefits of Waxing

After a professional waxing, you will never look at that old razor the same again.

Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. Waxing saves time
Visit the spa once and you are set for weeks. Free up your time, you deserve it!

2. Free from nicks, cuts or razor burns
Hate those unsightly cuts and nicks all over your skin when shaving. Unlike shaving, waxing results in smooth skin with no cuts and razor burns. Continue reading “5 Benefits of Waxing”

Athletes are happier winning bronze than silver?

In Olympic events, the gold, silver, and bronze medal goes to the athlete that did the best, second best and the third best. You’d expect, then, that the bronze, silver, and gold would feel happy, happier, and happiest right? Strangely, that’s not the case. The athlete who wins bronzes routinely feels happier than the athlete who wins silver. It all comes down to a quirk of human psychology.

For a study published about Social Psychology, the researchers edited down film clips of roughly 40 silver and bronze medal winners at the 1992 summer Olympics. The clips came in tow versions: the immediate reaction to the winner announcements directly following the event, and the athlete at the medal ceremony hours later. Students were asked to rate the athletes reactions on a 10 point scale without telling them which medal each athlete won.

Smile Silver, It's still an amazing accomplishment!  Smile Silver, It’s still an amazing accomplishment!

The results found that the bronze medalists appeared much happier than the silver medalists. The participants rated the bronze medalists at 7.1 while silver medalists were rated only 4.8. This paradoxical reaction is chalked up to something called “Courterfactual thinking” instead of thinking of your achievement objectively, you compare it to what “might have been.” For the silver medalist that thought is probably that they could have won the gold if they had done a little better. For the bronze however, it’s the opposite: they almost didn’t win a medal at all, and the reason that the bronze medalist is generally happier with their achievement.

Walking Boosts Creativity

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Ever noticed that some of your most creative thinking is done while  you’re walking? Whether you’re walking to work, a friend’s house, or even your car, your mind starts going. Research shows it’s not all in your head.

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking on a treadmill or along the beach, it’s the simple act of walking that helps boost creativity, according to a 2014 study from Stanford University. They conducted four experiments, testing participants on things like coming up with alternate uses for everyday items. In each case, individuals who were walking came up with ideas that were more “novel and appropriate” than participants who were seated. “The creative output increased by an average of 60% when the person was walking,” according to the study. Continue reading “Walking Boosts Creativity”

Is Wildfire Smoke Damaging Your Skin?

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With wildfires burning rampant, and soot on every corner, many people have been asking us “Can all this smoke damage my skin?”

Unfortunately, the answer is a loud, “Yes!”, it absolutely can, it will and honestly, it probably already has. It does not take long for soot, ash, and smoke (especially in high levels like we have been seeing) to noticeably damage your skin. Continue reading “Is Wildfire Smoke Damaging Your Skin?”

5 Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

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Environmental pollution and lack of physical activity, all add up to make you vulnerable to diseases. It becomes imperative to unwind and rejuvenate for better health and happiness. Hot Stone Massage is a therapy used extensively to provide deep relaxation to the body. Read on to know how it works.

What is a Hot Stone Massage Therapy?

No doubt, any massage works wonders to relax your body, but the hot stone therapy has a deep relaxing effect. Natural stones made of basalt are used for the therapy in which the stones are first heated in water. Since the high iron content present in basalt has the capability to hold heat for longer, it gets slowly transferred to the body. Therefore, the technique combines the benefits of massage along with thermo  for a deep action. Continue reading “5 Benefits of Hot Stone Massage”

Phillip Wilson Gives a Private Training Class at Inspire

Inspire Salon & Day Spa | Meridian, ID

Monday, May 12th 2014.

What a wonderful experience at Inspire Salon and Day Spa as Phillip Wilson, Creative Director of ColorProof Evolved Color Care, and Global Hairdresser of the Year, treated our hair stylists to a personal cutting workshop right in our salon.

Wilson’s extraordinary talent and passion combined with his wealth of knowledge inspired our stylist to become the best hair artists of the Treasure Valley. Inspire Salon is one of the first salons in the United States to be trained for the Firefly Design and we are excited to perfect the intricate style just for you. Continue reading “Phillip Wilson Gives a Private Training Class at Inspire”