Facials & Peels

INSPIRE FACIALS | 60 MIN. $80| 90 MIN. $105

All facials will be customized by our skin care specialist for your specific skin concerns and will include the added luxury of a foot treatment that consists of hot aroma infused towels on your feet.

Hydrating Antioxidant Facial | Your skin will benefit from this herbal remedy procedure created to nourish your cells with needed vitamins and minerals leaving it healthy and hydrated.

Anti-Aging Facial | This facial uses active Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and skin balancing ingredients that will refine smooth your skins texture.

Acne Facial | Clinically proven to provide effective relief for those experiencing acne breakouts, blackheads and /or excessive oil.

Soothing Facial | A calming facial to reduce inflammation from environmental stressors such as pollution, wind, and sun.

INSPIRE Peels | add to any facial | $35

All peels will be customized for the special needs of your skin.

Enzyme Peel | An exfoliating treatment with the active enzymes of ‘pomegranate, pumpkin and papain’ will reveal healthy skin (Gentle)

5 Berry Peel | Get a great exfoliation treatment with ‘cranberry, Raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and bearberry’ will brighten skin tone

And Increase cell turnover and collagen production (Moderate-Strong)

Chocolate Power Peel | This peel will provide strong exfoliation and stimulate new collagen productions improving fine lines and wrinkles while restoring healthy tone and texture (Strong)

Microdermabrasion | add to any facial | $45

At Inspire Salon & Day Spa we use the NewApeel® diamond tip system! The next generation in Microdermabrasion that gently removes the outermost layer of skin which in turn stimulates the cells to regenerate thus creating new, healthy, toned, more vibrant skin.